Our Story

After twenty-five years of owning pubs and even longer in the drinks industry, Celeste McGinn wanted to make her mark on the new craft gin boom. She wanted a gin that appealed to people from all walks of life, of all ages who would enjoy a quality gin. A gin that could be drank smooth, in a simple gin and tonic or a cocktail so that no matter what your preference, everyone could enjoy it. She wanted to convert people who don’t drink gin into gin lovers.

At the heart of McGin is our pride in being Glaswegian. We have brought in teams from across our native city to help with the production, distilling and design of the product. It’s so important to us that the people of Glasgow love the gin as much as we do. McGin is a proper Glasgow gin, authentic and unpretentious with a great sense of humour, like most Glaswegians!